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Mar. 25th, 2013 05:12 pm
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[community profile] het_reccers is the sister community to [livejournal.com profile] het_reccers. Please read the community profile before posting! If you have any questions, suggestions, or need a tag created, please leave a comment to this post.
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[community profile] het_bigbang is back for another round of awesomeness and we want you to come join us!!

Big Bang: 25,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Little Bang: 10,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Author Sign Up I Artist Sign Up I Beta Sign Up I Cheerleading Sign Up

Author Sign Ups - Open till May 17th, 12:00 PM (NOON) PST
Mandatory Author Checkpoint - July 15th
Artist Claiming of Big Bang Stories - July 20th
Art and Fics Due - August 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) PST
Debut Date (DD) - August 31st

FAQ here!
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Fandom Category: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek Novels
Pairing: Ael/Spock
Fic Title: How It Tangles
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] MollyC
Link: at AO3
Rating/Warning(s): T, canon character death
Genre: vignette
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This is a gorgeous piece of writing about Spock and Ael falling into each other in the wake of the events of Generations. If you like Ael and the Rihannsu series, I really suggest this one.
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Fandom: Nancy Drew
Pairing: Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson
Title: Pinky Swear
Author: ndnickerson
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10872036/1/pinky-swear
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count/WIP?: 2595/complete
Recced By: ozqueen

Why This Must Be Read:

Adorable meet-cute, wherein Nancy and Ned are stranding inside their apartment building during a huge snowstorm, and Nancy wanders next door to barter dinner for radio batteries. Cooking, flirting and snuggling all in one. Adorable.

This fills the food/cooking square on my bingo card.

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Fandom: Cold Case
Pairing: Lilly Rush/Scotty Valens
Title: I Will Be Here
Author: oucellogirl
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10802074/1/I-Will-Be-Here
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count/WIP?: 93,000/complete
Recced By: ozqueen

Why This Must Be Read:

This is my favourite Lilly/Scotty fic because it takes SO MUCH TIME for them to get together. There's such delicious pining and slow build -- Lilly is with Eddie Saccardo for much of this and Scotty watches from a distance (angst and UST, yesss) -- and the whole thing is just wonderfully in character. There's also a fantastic case woven throughout, and a little Kat Miller/Nick Vera background pairing. The author does such great justice to all of the characters, highlighting everything I love about them and about Cold Case in general.

This fills the pining square on my bingo card.

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Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff/Steve Rogers
Title: Protective Package
Author: juane_chat
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/748987
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit / author warns for mild dub con
Word Count/WIP?: 3576/complete
Recced By: ozqueen

Why This Must Be Read:

It's always hard to take such a cracky concept and play it straight, but this fic does it wonderfully. Natasha and Steve have such great chemistry, and there are a lot of ~feelings~ woven through the humour.
A fill for the "sex pollen" square on my het_reccers bingo card.

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Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Juliet Burke/James "Sawyer" Ford
Title: Away We Go
Author: bayloriffic
Link: http://bayloriffic.livejournal.com/16037.html
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Word Count/WIP?: 4400/complete
Recced By: ozqueen

Why This Must Be Read:

Cozy James and Juliet fic, with James being a stay-at-home dad. This is such an intimate little fic, full of adorable family moments and demonstrating a great "what if" AU spin on the 1970s Dharma canon.
A fill for the "babyfic/kidfic" square on my het_reccers bingo card.

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Fandom Category: The Hour
Pairing: Lix Storm/Randall Brown
Fic Title: in the quiet of a shadow
Author: voodoochild
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1117446
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Genre: Established Relationship, Backstory
Word Count/WIP?: 1,050. Complete.

Why This Must Be Read: Great voices, capturing the characters when younger, during the Spanish Civil War. The premise is that Randall can draw – Lix insists on being his model fic. A great deal is said in very little.
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Hey all! If you don't follow the het_reccers comm on LJ (or don't check in with LJ these days), you might not have noticed that we're having a State of the Comm-type discussion, including chatting about our DW community here, potential integration with tumblr, and more. If you'd like to chime in, feel free to leave any thoughts on this post here or over on LJ.
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[livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang is back for another round of awesomeness and we want you to come join us!!

Big Bang: 25,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Little Bang: 10,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Author Sign Up I Artist Sign Up I Beta Sign Up I Cheerleading Sign Up

Author Sign Ups - Open till May 17th, 12:00 PM (NOON) PST
Mandatory Author Checkpoint - July 15th
Artist Claiming of Big Bang Stories - July 20th
Art and Fics Due - August 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) PST
Debut Date (DD) - August 31st

FAQ here!
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Fandom: Eleanor & Park
Pairing: Eleanor Douglas/Park Sheridan
Title: Nothing Ever Ends, or Five Times Eleanor & Park Argued (Happily Ever After
Author: femmenerd
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/781459
Rating/Warning(s): M.
Word Count/WIP?: 2,890. Complete
Recced By: shallowness

Why This Must Be Read: This is lovely and a plausible ‘what happened next’ (although I'm biased in wanting a HEA for them, but who wouldn’t be after everything that happened?).

and two more. )
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Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Pairing:: Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta
Title: To face unafraid the plans that we made
Author: Satellite (brella)
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1067991
Rating/Warning(s): General Audience, no warnings apply
Word Count/WIP?: 6,420. Complete.
Recced By: shallowness

Why This Must Be Read: It's season 1 Christmas fluff, featuring the ensemble. I laughed a lot (especially at Scully and Hitchcock) as the precinct celebrates Christmas and Jake and Amy flirt in their own special way.

1 Harry Potter (Hermione/Ron), 1 The Hour (Bel/Freddie), 1 The West Wing (Donna/Josh) )
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Fandom Category: Outlander
Pairing: Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser/James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser
Fic Title: sing me a song
Author: mardia
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2241909
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit, Set post 1x03
Genre: PWP, post-episode
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Fans of the Outlander series have been waiting a long time for the novels to make it on screen, and most are delighted with the result. This fic picks right up after episode 3 and allows the reader into Jamie's thoughts about Claire. Short, wonderful, and worth the read.

Fandom Category: Outlander
Pairing: Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser/James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser
Fic Title: i can almost believe i'm almost enough
Author: tosca1390
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2040522
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Genre: romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Based on the first book, but fitting in perfectly with the show this fic is from Jamie's point of view and allows us to witness him falling in love with Claire. The writing is lovely and in character and sexy as hell. I hope to read more from this author.

Tag woes

Jul. 17th, 2014 05:04 pm
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Hi folks,

I come to you with a sad story. The community's premium paid time has expired and, as such, we are unable to create new tags.

As I see it, we have three choices:

  1. member donations for premium paid time

  2. delete a lot of existing tags

  3. just don't add new tags

The first option is, of course, the best one in terms of tagging. If we keep up the premium paid time, we can have another 180 tags before we reach the absolute limit. However, it requires money, which not everyone is able or willing to part with.

Option 2 would take a fair bit of work. We have 1820 tags and the maximum for a free account is 1000, so in order to create one new tag we'd have to delete 821 of the current ones. We could start with tags that only have 1 entry — maybe move them to the memories; we could get rid of the fandom tags and just have pairings tags. We could do other things I haven't thought of.

Option 3 is essentially the 'do nothing' option. It's the one I like the least, but it has the appeal of requiring absolutely no effort. :)

So, over to you, [community profile] het_reccers! Please discuss in the comments.
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Fandom Category: Bakuman
Pairing: Aoki Ko/Fukuda Shinta
Fic Title: Imperfect Match
Author: thereisafire
Link: Imperfect Match
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13/none
Genre: Comedy, Romance
WIP?: no, one-shot at 3,549 words

Why This Must Be Read: Refined Aoki and obnoxious Fukuda don't seem to match at all, but what starts in canon as professional respect turns within to friendship, and this fic takes it one step further. The fic showcases their developing romance in a bumbling and sweet way, for no date with Fukuda would ever contain candlelight dinners and watching operas. If only they were canon, for Aoki/Fukuda is my Bakuman OTP!
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Fandom Category: North & South (BBC)
Pairing: Margaret Hale/John Thornton
Fic Title: Wiser Today
Author: SummerRed
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2013/works/1069385
Rating/Warning(s): General Audiences
Genre: Post-Canon, Established Relationship, Christmas fic
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: It's an absolutely lovely Christmassy fic about John and Margaret, still in the can't keep their hands off each other stage, with humour bubbling under it. Also, the author has created the tag 'Married people in love' which I'd love to see take off.

(I'd say this is more based on the BBC adaptation than the book.)
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I've been reading Veronica Mars fic fervently again since news of the movie, so here be some recs. Enjoy!

Fandom Category: Veronica Mars
Pairing: Veronica Mars/Logan Echolls (side Lilly Kane/Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars/Duncan Kane)
Fic Title: Bait and Switch
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] stainofmylove
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/86168
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Genre: Drama, Angst
WIP?: Nope.

Why This Must Be Read: A pre-series AU, this fic offers an alternate version of events in the romantic lives of Logan, Veronica, Lilly, and Duncan leading up to and just after Lilly's death. Logan's note to Lilly and dismissal of Veronica take on a whole new, gut-wrenching meaning.

7 More VM Recs (mostly Veronica/Logan) )
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Fandom Category: Walking Dead (TV)
Pairing: Maggie Greene/Glenn Rhee
Fic Title: A New Empire In Rags
Author: crookedlystacked
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/546032
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Genre: Post-Apocalypse, Slice-of-Life, Romance
WIP?: nope

Why This Must Be Read: The premise of this fic is that Glenn finds a Polaroid camera and takes pictures of the new world around him, mostly the "family" of survivors in less-than-grim moments, the few beautiful moments that keep them going. There is, astonishingly, very little Maggie/Glenn fic out there, and this author perfectly captures their dynamic on the show: intimate, playful, secretive or on the sly.

5 more Walking Dead recs )
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Fandom Category: Princess and the Frog
Pairing: Tiana/Naveen
Fic Title: Diggin' Deeper
Author: raspberryseedz
Link: HERE
Genre: Romance
Why This Must Be Read: The strongest PAFT stories I've noticed are the self contained, drabbe-esque kinds. raspberryseedz's "Diggin Deeper" really captures the surefire personalities of Naveen and Tiana in snapshots from points during the film or their lives afterward (how Naveen deals with Tiana's career-driven mentality that often leads to sleep deprivation and how Tiana relaxes in the presence of Naveen's carefree energy).

Princess and the Frog )

Anastasia )

Disney/Anastasia Crossover Ships )

X-Men )
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Fandom Category: A Life Less Ordinary (1997)
Pairing: Celine Naville/Robert Lewis
Fic Title: Up and Away
Author: Starlingthefool
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/599848
Rating/Warning(s): M (violence, language, innuendo)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
WIP?: No - 5,493 words (oneshot)

Why This Must Be Read: A brilliant and clever followup to the quirky 1997 movie, starring Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz, this fic follows their characters immediately after the events of the film. Robert & Celine go on a jet-setting international honeymoon, only to encounter disappointment, relief, and continued meddling of the ethereal in their business. This author has captured not only the narrative style of the film, but also the complexity of the characters - especially gun-toting Celine, who thinks nothing of putting a few bullets in a few bullies if it means getting her husband back in one piece.


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