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Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Penny/Sheldon Cooper
Fic Title: Religion in Modern Love and War
Author: [ profile] cereal
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Romance
Special Rec: 96/100

Why This Must Be Read: It seems only right that I end my specialreccers month the way I started it -- with fic from one of my favourite 'ships that will (likely) never happen on-screen but, damnit, should.

[ profile] cereal writes some of the best characterisations in Penny/Sheldon fic and here she pairs that with one of my favourite fandom tropes -- two characters pretending to be in a relationship -- and spins out an evolution of their friendship into something much, much more with science, humour and a lovely sensual touch.

Stay Classy, San Diego by ishie (Explicit) )

The Temporary Cohabitation Resultant by slybrunette (PG-13) )

you make my head spin right round by lenina20 (pg-13) )

The Intimacy Inspiration Initiative by danakate (PG-13) )
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Fandom: Stargate: SG1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Fic Title: A White Dove
Author: Jemima Pereira
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: AU, Drama
Special Rec: 91/100

Why This Must Be Read: This is AU fiction at its very best. It's about a Sam, and a Jack, and how they're both a little lost and looking for a way to keep living and fighting. If you enjoyed episodes like, There But For The Grace Of God and Point Of View, and like a good apocafic, you'll love this story.

With None Believing by stars_like_dust (R) )

Rhapsody in Blue by splash_the_cat (PG13) )

Seasons by annerbhp (PG-13) )

Incirlik by elly427 (NC17) )
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Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard
Fic Title: Strangers In an Empty Space
Author: [ profile] daygloparker
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Drama, Romance
Special Rec: 86/100

Why This Must Be Read: Taking a cue from The X Files and Farscape, [ profile] daygloparker gives a fabulous look into how much things can change when, really, nothing has changed at all. I love so many things about this story: the confusion between what is real and what isn't, the way Sheppard and Weir interact, the descriptions of the first time (that isn't) and the first time (that is)... This story is all brilliance.

Knowledge by mylittleredgirl (R) )

Pattern Recognition by mspooh (PG13) )

Breathe by duskwings (PG) )

Firewood by featherjean (PG13) )
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Fandom: Gone With the Wind
Pairing: Scarlett O'Hara/Rhett Butler
Fic Title: Virgil in Hell
Author: Ellie
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Romance
Special Rec: 81/100

Why This Must Be Read: Starting with their flee from Atlanta, ellie gives us a closer look at Rhett's thoughts and feelings about Scarlett, and takes that further by spinning a delightful 'what if' during their reunion in the jail cell. A wonderful look into Rhett's mind and a more happily-ever-after ending than the book/movie gave. Just lovely.

Six Years Later by Jengrrrl (PG13) )

Foreboding by bring_me_sugar (NC17) )

The Next Morning by gypsymuse (PG13) )

Five Tomorrows for Scarlett O'Hara by lydia the eleventh (PG13) )
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Fandom: Push
Pairing: Cassie Holmes/Nick Gant
Fic Title: you're all that i can see
Author: [ profile] liminalliz
Rating/Warning(s): PG 13
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 76/100

Why This Must Be Read: A lot of Push fics focus on Nick being the alpha and the one in charge so it's refreshing to read a story where the power is most definitely in Cassie's hands. Here, Nick has been captured and wiped and it's up to Cassie to bring him back. Sharp, effective, and absolutely wonderful.

A Single Gesture by alocalband (R) )

This voltage to ignite by musesfool (adult) )

The Smallest of Things by alianora (G) )

When You've Learned the Art of Dying by weasleytook (Teen) )
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Fandom: RPF: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Torri Higginson/Joe Flanigan
Fic Title: In Transit
Author: [ profile] phrenitis
Rating/Warning(s): PG, RPF, Adultery
Genre: Romance
Special Rec: 71/100

Why This Must Be Read: Every RPF story [ profile] phrenitis writes is pure gold and this one is no exception. In it, Joe accompanies Torri on her road-trip back to LA after her departure from the show, and gradually comes to realise... well. Lovely, lovely writing and characterisations make this one of my favourite all-time Torri/Joe fics.

Self-reflection's For Pussies and David Hewlett by Kassie (NC-17) )

The Great Canadian Caper by mylittleredgirl (PG) )

cracks in this fine social scene by sugargroupie (PG-13) )

This Life by kateanderson (R) )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Jo Harvelle/Dean Winchester
Fic Title: one to omega
Author: [ profile] magneticwave
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Character Study
Special Rec: 66/100

Why This Must Be Read: [ profile] magneticwave describes this as Jo's backstory in a "choose-your-own-adventure"-style ficlet and, really, that's probably the best way to put it. Filled with multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank statements, along with snippets of moments, this is a brilliant study of both Jo and her relationship with Dean; a must-read for any fan.

Rise by quiet_rebel (R) )

602 by 7_daze (R) )

Holds me like an anchor; floats just like a cloud by niz4 (Adult) )

Marking Time by Jessie (R) )
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Fandom: X-Men
Pairing: Rogue/Wolverine
Fic Title: Physician, heal thyself
Author: [ profile] orange_crushed
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 61/100

Why This Must Be Read: This story is the X3 movie we should have gotten. Marie's characterisation is wonderful, the perfect continuation of the person we saw in the first two movies (honestly, I get chills just reading her shout of, "can anybody fly?" -- just perfect) and the promise of something more between her and Logan is wonderfully subtle. An excellent AU.

A Shift in the Air by johnnypurple (R) )

Sweet by jaqofspades (NC-17) )

Chasing Chronos by ransom (R) )

The Fourth Time by Suz (PG) )
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Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Snow White/Prince Charming
Fic Title: can't see for all the trees
Author: [ profile] medie
Rating/Warning(s): pg13
Genre: Romance, Angst
Special Rec: 56/100

Why This Must Be Read: Remember when David woke up in Snow Falls and for a moment everyone was sure that he was actually James? Well, this story takes that thought and spins out a lovely, bittersweet AU where James knows exactly who he is, and who Mary Margaret and Regina really are, even if he doesn't quite understand just what it is that the Queen's done to him and Snow and everyone else.

Farewell Sweetness by redbrunja (Teen) )

And I move all directions by spyglass (G) )

running to stand still by tosca1390 (Mature) )

The Way I Have Forgotten Back by whatimages (Teen) )
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Fandom: The Pretender
Pairing: Miss Parker/Jarod
Fic Title: False Steps
Author: Loch Ness
Link: Part I, Part II, Part III
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance
Special Rec: 51/100

Why This Must Be Read: Epically long and equally brilliant, False Steps is approximately 80,000 words of drama, action and romance. (Think of it as another movie we never got to see!) Set mid-season two, the story avoids some of the more crazy storylines and characterisations that came later in the show, and highlights everything that was so awesome in the early days: Jarod being perfectly Jarod, Parker being perfectly Parker, and the two of them together making a perfectly wonderful duo.

Broken Glasses by bantha_fodder (PG) )

this is where the world drops off by daygloparker (PG-13) )

The Loneliest Valentine by zeplum (adult) )

Eyes Turned Skyward by Pouncer (Mature) )
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Fandom: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Pairing: Olivia Benson/Elliot Stabler
Fic Title: Accidental Cuts
Author: [ profile] annakovsky
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 46/100

Why This Must Be Read: Accidental Cuts is a look into Elliot's head when he was waiting to find out whether he'd been infected with HIV back in season two and matches so perfectly with that timeframe, and Elliot and Olivia's characterisations, that I often have trouble separating it from what we actually saw on screen. A terrific look at something that should definitely be considered canon.

No Wife by svilleficrecs (explicit) )

Deserving by scullyseviltwin (Teen) )

tied-up and twisted by ygrawn (R) )

Missing by sloanesomething (PG) )
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Fandom: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy Summers/Spike
Fic Title: Love is Blind
Author: Avalon
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Genre: Romance
Special Rec: 41/100

Why This Must Be Read: Remember those days in season five, when Spike was realising he may feel more about Buffy than just a desire to kill her, and Buffy was still totally blind to any possibility that she might feel the same? Well, this story takes that time period and puts a more literal spin on things. The characterisations and dialogue in Love is Blind ring so honestly true, you'll think you could be watching an actual episode from the show.

Back Porch by penny_lane_42 (PG) )

Dancing About Architecture by voleuse (PG) )

Exit, Stage Left by Sandra (R) )

The Last Summer by Annie Sewell-Jennings (NC-17) )
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Fandom: Life
Pairing: Dani Reese/Charlie Crews
Fic Title: Interpersonal Hygiene
Author: [personal profile] amathela
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 36/100

Why This Must Be Read: The shower scene in the Pilot episode was one of the first defining moments in Crews and Reese's partnership, and this fic takes that further by showing the next four times Crews and Reese also showered together. Wonderfully written, this is something I would have dearly loved to have seen on screen.

Orange Blossom Honey by musesfool (adult) )

it doesn't mean there's nowhere to begin by austen (PG) )

it starts in daylight by missymeggins (pg) )

Trifecta by aj (NC-17) )
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Fandom: Rookie Blue
Pairing: Andy McNally/Sam Swarek
Fic Title: christmas morning, back from the war
Author: [ profile] lowriseflare & [ profile] threeguesses
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Romance
Special Rec: 31/100

Why This Must Be Read: [ profile] lowriseflare and [ profile] threeguesses own, like, 70% of the sam/andy fanfiction market on the internet right now which means that, thankfully, at least 70% of the sam/andy fanfiction market is brilliant. Following on from the season two finale, christmas morning, back from the war shows the immediate aftermath of the preceding episodes with pitch-perfect characterisations, lovely writing, and a wonderful dose of sexiness.

back again to stay by crackers4jenn (PG) )

the syntax of things by threeguesses & lowriseflare (R) )

Fade Away by surreallis (PG) )

Redefine by hibbleton (PG) )
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Fandom: Aliens
Pairing: Ellen Ripley/Dwayne Hicks
Fic Title: Far Across the Stars
Author: [ profile] liminalliz
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 26/100

Why This Must Be Read: Why do I love this fic? Let me count the ways: the writing is brilliant, the dialogue is awesome, and the characterisations are perfect. [ profile] liminalliz takes everything that is wonderful about Aliens and gives us a continuing storyline that makes a thousand times more sense then the one Aliens 3 gave us. This may be the best Aliens fic ever, true story.

Coping Mechanisms by Rustler (PG13) )

Damocles by medie (PG13) )

Start At The Edge by hariboo_smirks (PG) )

Settling In by Merfilly (PG-13) )
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Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Ziva David/Tony DiNozzo
Fic Title: Burning Bright & Come hither, Sleep
Author: [ profile] littlesammy
Link: &
Rating/Warning(s): NC17
Genre: Angst, Romance
Special Rec: 21/100

Why This Must Be Read: There are a lot of stories out there dealing with the effect Somalia had on Ziva so it's refreshing to see one that looks at how others are handling the aftermath of that summer. Burning Bright shows us the night Tony and Ziva shared in Paris, while Come hither, Sleep continues the story through the next couple of episodes. I'm not sure what I adore more about these stories -- the evolution of Tony and Ziva's relationship, Tony's good night wishes for Ziva, or the pitch-perfect characterisations.

Falling Through Space by KayleighBough (PG13) )

At Terror Street and Agony Way by slybrunette (PG-13) )

Recovery by chaletian (PG) )

Quake by jelenamichel (R) )
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Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Elizabeth Swann/Jack Sparrow
Fic Title: Aftermath
Author: [ profile] salr323
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Drama, Romance
Special Rec: 16/100

Why This Must Be Read: [ profile] salr323 is one of the best writers around, and her Jack/Elizabeth fics are especially superb. With effective writing, pitch-perfect dialogue, moving character developments, and lovely historical insights, [ profile] salr323 takes the end of At World's End and shows how Jack and Elizabeth's story's might have continued on. This is a wonderful conclusion to the trilogy, and one that I know a lot of Jack/Elizabeth fans probably hoped for.

Five by boonies (PG) )

Rising Sign by orange_crushed (PG-13) )

Ocean Passage by hereswith (PG) )

This That Lingers Still by demonqueen666 (R) )
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Fandom: Earth 2
Pairing: Devon Adair/John Danziger
Fic Title: Make it Go Away
Author: [ profile] lfvoy
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 11/100

Why This Must Be Read: I love post-ep stories and this is a sweet little continuation to the scene at the end of The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King where John gets another clue-by-four about his not-so-secret affections for Devon. Make it Go Away is well written and lovely.

Together by nic (PG13) )

Fish Out of Water by mosylu (PG13) )

Into Temptation by Scribbler (PG13) )

Breaking The Ice by Allison McDonnell (PG13) )
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Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise
Pairing: T'Pol/Charles "Trip" Tucker III
Fic Title: Ruined
Author: [ profile] suzvoy
Rating/Warning(s): PG13
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 6/100

Why This Must Be Read: [ profile] suzvoy is one of those incredible writers who just get characters. In this piece, she shows us Trip and T'Pol on an away mission gone wrong; most importantly, she shows us with faultless characterisation.

Dusk & Stay by Konstantine (PG) )

The Red Hat by 2ndFloor (PG) )

Black Hole by mylittleredgirl (NC-17) )

A Logical Proposal by ShouldKnowBetter (PG13) )
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Fandom: Star Trek: Reboot
Pairing: Christine Chapel/Leonard McCoy
Fic Title: Untitled
Author: [ profile] silverlining_99
Rating/Warning(s): NC17
Genre: Romance, Drama, Sex
Special Rec: 1/100

Why This Must Be Read: I could quite happily rec every story of [ profile] silverlining_99's, so it seems only right that I should start my specialreccers month with one of my favourites of hers.

Untitled is a response to a kink!prompt for McCoy and Chapel to have sex in the middle of an emergency, with the first part of the story showing a "missing scene" from the battle in the movie, and the second part dealing with the aftermath of both the battle and that moment. While sex is obviously a key aspect of the fic, it is the Chapel and McCoy's characterisations, and the emotions and stress behind their reactions to the battle, that will stay with you, after. Beautifully written.

Seamless by esme_green (PG-13) )

Instincts of My Own by seren (NC-17) )

Don't Give A Damn ('Bout My Bad Reputation) by vega_ofthe_lyre (R) )

Roughshod by oparu (PG-13) )


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