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Here we go - a whole month in one post. There's a few days missing because I just didn't have anything good enough to rec or because everything in that category was already on the site.

The tags are gonna be madness!

Day 01 - A fic for your current favorite ship )

Day 02 - A fic for your very first ship )

Day 03 - A fic for UST )

Day 04 - A fic that demonstrates how a pairing with little canon romantic chemistry/interaction can totally work )

Day 05 - A fic with the best kiss/sex scene )

Day 06 - A fic with the most heartbreaking scene )

...and the rest )
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Fandom Category: Hawaii-50
Pairing: Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarett
Fic Title: Staring Contests and Other Games
Author: badhairdays/awesomehairdays
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7443872/1/Staring_contests_and_other_games
Rating/Warning(s): M, Season 1
Genre: Humor, romance, introspection, silliness.
WIP?: Complete!

Why This Must Be Read: I love hairdays' Kono voice. It's wry, clever, and the author does an amazing job of telegraphing that it's not a 100% reliable narrator without breaking the narrative or the mood. The author also does a fantastic job of populating the piece with small oc's who are fully-formed people with smart, good reactions to the bucket of crazy that is Kono and Steve and KonoandSteve. (FYI, check out all of the author's stuff because it's ALL fabulous and keeps the same wry, evil tone present in this.)
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Fandom Category: Hawaii Five-0 [tv reboot]
Pairing: Kono Kalakaua/Chin Ho Kelly
Fic Title: Leeward
Author: [livejournal.com profile] dotfic
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): incest (cousins)
Genre: unrequited love
WIP?: No; 1,000 words

Why This Must Be Read: Moments in the life of Chin and Kono as they change and fall into many different loves and relationships with each other as well as other people. The unrequited romantic love is bittersweet but fits them snug as they negotiate the world that they've chosen. This is short in words, but the depth spans miles.

Special Recs: 15/25
[identity profile] irony-rocks.livejournal.com
Fandom Category: Hawaii 5-0
Pairing: Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett
Fic Title: Fearless On My Breath
Author: Topez
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/168208
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit
Genre: episode related, smut
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: A wonderfully hot fic that deals with Kono's emotional turmoil after a bad day, and how she's not the only one thrown for a loop. Steven and Kono's characterization is perfect and I loved that the story isn't just about the sex (which is hot) but also about them and everything they'd shared and how Kono is awesome and strong, but she is not without her vulnerability and her uncertainties. Great read!

Snippet )
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[identity profile] aj.livejournal.com
Fandom Category: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Kono Kalakaua/Steve McGarrett
Fic Title: I'd Like To Know If You'd Be Open To Starting Over
Author: qirjanran/[livejournal.com profile] her_lovelyheart
Link: http://iconlovely.livejournal.com/42013.html
Rating/Warning(s): PG, spoilers for season 2.
Genre: Post-ep, friendship, romance.
WIP?: Complete.

Why This Must Be Read: There's not a whole lot of introspective, in-depth Kono/Steve. This has that in spades, and is doing a great job of tying up some of the loose ends that the beginning of season 2 has left swaying. It also makes me happy in that there isn't any other character bashing, and it's a nice, satisfying slow-build. I'm really interested to see where this is going, and over the moon on what's already written.

ETA: This story has, apparently been deleted from the internet. BOO!
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Fandom Category: Hawaii Five-O
Pairing: Kono Kalakaua/Danny "Danno" Williams
Fic Title:
Author: topaz
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/153430?view_adult=true
Rating/Warning(s): explicit
Genre: general romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Oh, god, this is fic that demonstrates perfectly why these two could work. And I know the majority of the het fandom for this show is about Kono/Steve, which I totally get behind too, but for such a hardass, Danny is such a softie for her, and I love that about them. This author captures that perfectly.

Snippet )
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Fandom Category: Hawaii 5-0
Pairing: Steve McGarrett/Kono Kalakaua
Fic Title: No Wow
Author: [livejournal.com profile] robanybody
Link: http://robanybody.livejournal.com/462128.html#cutid1
Rating/Warning(s): M, sex, innuendo, language
Genre: Romance, humor
WIP?: No, one-shot.
Special rec: 6/31

Why This Must Be Read: It’s funny, sexy and smart. The voices are nailed to perfection. (Pun wasn’t actually intended there, sorry!) And it’s always delightful to read about a competent, awesome Kono.


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