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Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, John Bates/Anna Smith, hint of Sybil Crawley/Tom Branson
Fic Title: The Abbey
Author: Frea_O
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/431176/chapters/729020
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13/T - some violence and language
Genre: AU, action, drama, humor
WIP?: Nope

Why This Must Be Read: This is Downton Abbey as a spy thriller, and it is awesome. The premise is that Mary has gone rogue from her family's security agency (known as "The Abbey"), and Matthew is recruited to hunt her down and bring her back. The plot has the proper number of twist and turns for a spy thriller, almost all of the Downton characters show up in clever and fitting ways, and Matthew and Mary have a wonderful Nick and Nora-type banter that makes this story an absolute joy to read. My only disappointment is that this isn't part of a series yet, because I would happily read a hundred more stories set in this AU.

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Ah, here is the last of my special recs for August.  I apologize for the lateness and cut it down to 21 but tried to keep a variety of fandoms and ships at least.  I'm glad I got to share some of my favorites!

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley
Fic Title: You & Me of the 10,000 Wars
Author: allthingsholy
Link: http://allthingsholy.livejournal.com/158762.html
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13 (R in later chapters)
Genre: Drama, Romance
WIP?: Yes

Special Rec: 16/21

Why This Must Be Read: This is a modern AU where Downton Abbey becomes Downton Industries.  There are only two chapters thus far (out of a projected four), but I’m already completely taken by this author’s absolutely brilliant characterization of Mary -- a woman who can play the part of the perfect, proper eldest daughter to the tee when needed but also rejects the role, a woman who in one sense loves the glamour of the lifestyle she leads even as she cannot bear its superficiality.  Everyone else is also thoughtfully portrayed, and the writer has creatively and smoothly adapted Downton Abbey to the 21st century.

snippet )
Fringe, 2, Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop )

Iron Man, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark )

Merlin, Morgana/Arthur Pendragon )

Bones, Temperance Brennan/Seeley Booth )
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Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Carson/Mrs Hughes
Fic Title: May Day & St George's Day
Author: Onesimus
Link: May Day & St George's Day
Rating/Warning(s): T for both
Genre: Romance/Angst for both
WIP?: Neither says complete but I think St George's Day is coming to an end which will probably tie up the loose ends in May Day.

Why This Must Be Read: These two stories connect and are an AU for young Charles and Elsie (which Onesimus has mastered IMO). May Day starts out where they are young and meeting for the first time. Yes there's a spark there and lots of fluff as they get to know one another. Spring forward in time to St George's Day and now the angst has appeared. I don't know how Onesimus does it but even with them being young and the story line AU you can see the characters we are first introduced to in 1912.

Both stories are a delight to read. Fluffy at times, sad with circumstances beyond their control and downright hot. Lovely smut to read over and over.

I haven't really done either story justice but if you are new to C/E love these would be good fics to get started on this ship.
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Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley
Fic Title: Seat of Kings and Queens
Author: augrah
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7352815/1/Seat_of_Kings_and_Queens
Rating/Warning(s): K+
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No; One-Shot

Why This Must Be Read: This is a missing scene from S1 set between episodes 6 and 7 that fits so perfectly into canon.  The author creates such a realistic backstory for the two characters as they confide in one another about their childhoods, and it’s just a wonderful illustration of their love, intimacy, and companionship.

The basic facts of the case were known. He had asked. She said she would think about it. The verdict was uncertain, and all interested parties were looking for evidence, validated proof.

And every time she thought she had made up her mind - yes of course I want to marry him no I couldn't stand marrying him - the object of her struggle did something to alter her decision. During dinner, she had weighed the expectations of those around her and decided to turn him down. But as soon as she made her decision, he asked her to meet him the next day to play chess.

"Chess?" Mary asked, incredulous, trying to keep her voice soft. They were in the sitting room in Grantham House, not as grand as at home, smaller so that the listening ears were even closer.

"You do play, don't you?" Matthew asked, all smiles and flirtatious energy.

Her tone was feigned impatience. "Of course I play. I didn't know you did." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Edith tilt her head, listening in, and Mary frowned.

"I thought perhaps you might teach me," Matthew suggested, and Mary knew he was trying. He was being dutifully patient, never once acting as if he was anxious about her answer. But he couldn't hide his affection; it was as plain as the smile on his face, the glint in his eyes. Perhaps that was the evidence she needed.

Two more fic recs )
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Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Carson/Hughes
Fic Title: all recurring joy
Author: [livejournal.com profile] frakcancer
Link: Link to all recurring joy
Rating/Warning(s): MA, smut
Genre: Angsty romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Frakcancer is one of the best (if not the best) Carson/Hughes writers I know. If you're unsure about the pairing, read her fics. I guarantee you'll be sold. :) This particular fic shows you just how sexy they can be!

more Frakcancer recs under the cut )
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Fandom: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Lady Mary Crawley & Matthew Crawley
Spoilers through the Christmas Special so beware American viewers who are waiting for PBS. Also, gifs.
Blurb and Recs under the cut )
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Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Richard Carlisle
Fic Title: A Girl in Black
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mrstater
Link: http://mrstater.livejournal.com/505019.html
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Romance/AU
WIP?: Yes (Although the first installment can be read as a one-shot)

Why This Must Be Read: Not that many people write (or read) this ship. And it's not one of my favs in this fandom, but [livejournal.com profile] mrstater writes them so lovely and in character :) It takes place right after the events in the first episode of season 1 and describes the first meeting between Richard and Mary. It's an AU that asks 'what if Mary met Richard before she met Matthew?'

Sir Richard chuckles, low and rumbling, and when her eyes meet the blue ones again the twinkle tells her he knows that she knows who he is, but that he'll play along with her little game. As that sort of person must, Mary reminds herself.

Although when he speaks, she isn't entirely sure it is her game, after all.
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Holiday fic! And just in time for the Downton Abbey Christmas special! ;)

Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley
Fic Title: Hope Maketh Peace
Author: Ieyre
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7537050/1/Hope_Maketh_Peace
Rating/Warning(s): K
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort
WIP?: No; One-Shot
Why This Must Be Read: If you need a brilliantly characterized story about hope and redemption after the angst-fest that was the S2 finale, then this story is the one for you. The characterization of Matthew is particularly well done, the dialogue sharp and witty, and the fact that it is far from the end for the two of them made poignantly evident.

"I think the stars have all aligned more times than we've agreed on anything."

"We may be more in agreement now than we ever were before," he said, thinking of words exchanged long ago about black and white. "…I don't know. If there is redemption, it seems to me that some people must be beyond all hope of it."

"Really? You don't think that, if it exists, no one is beyond it?"

A sudden, almost violent urge to argue the point came over him. It was like stirring from a dream—waking up from whatever it was that had been hanging over his head for so long.
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Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Elsie Hughes/Charles Carson
Fic Title: Seasons
Author: Onesimus
Link: Seasons
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Romance/Angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: In my mind this is the ultimate fic for this wish-ship. It has everything angst, young Charles and Elsie, secret romance, heart break, reconcilation. Onesimus is a wonderful author for this couple. Both character's voices are captured brilliantly. It's just the perfect story to start with if you are a lover of Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes. I should also mention the smut is smokin hot and oh so good.
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Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Sybil Crawley/Tom Branson
Fic Title: Something New and Exciting
Author: Ash Light
Link: Link
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Romance/Friendship
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: The author does a wonderful job with the main relationship in this story, which is full of the newness of blossoming love, and the tension of a situation that is naturally keeping them apart. The author also has a great touch in rendering the many other characters of Downton Abbey, those upstairs as well as those downstairs. It's well written and does a great job capturing the language of the period, and the plot flows to a satisfying conclusion. At least for now. It's written as a one-shot, I believe, but has the potential to continue as a series, which I must say, I hope it does, or that the author writes more in this fandom.

A recommendation for a Mary/Matthew piece that has a bit of Sybil/Branson and Anna/Bates, too )
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Fandom Category: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Sybil Crawley/Tom Branson
Fic Title: How the Heart Approaches What It Yearns
Author: Lirazel
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/143828
Genre: General
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: I've been looking for well-written Sybil/Branson stories, and this one really stood out. A character-piece, the timeline is after the start of WWI, and Branson is off at war, but it takes place mostly in Downton, and in Sybil's thoughts about the world, her life, and Branson's place in it now and perhaps in the future.


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