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Fandom Category: Princess and the Frog
Pairing: Tiana/Naveen
Fic Title: Diggin' Deeper
Author: raspberryseedz
Link: HERE
Genre: Romance
Why This Must Be Read: The strongest PAFT stories I've noticed are the self contained, drabbe-esque kinds. raspberryseedz's "Diggin Deeper" really captures the surefire personalities of Naveen and Tiana in snapshots from points during the film or their lives afterward (how Naveen deals with Tiana's career-driven mentality that often leads to sleep deprivation and how Tiana relaxes in the presence of Naveen's carefree energy).

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Day 14 - A fic for an Old School Fandom from back in the day.

Fandom Category: Alias
Pairing: Sydney Bristow/Julian Sark
Fic Title: The Cities arc
Author: [ profile] auburnnothenna/auburn
Link: Belfast
Byzantium: Iterations of Burn
Boston: Running to Stand Still
Rating/Warning(s): M/R. Warnings for violence, death, and attempted suicide.
Genre: Drama, very AU
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This series leaves me absolutely breathless and is one of my all-time favorite Syd/Sark stories. The characterization is fantastic--the author is unflinching in her portrayal of these ruthless, complex, and morally gray super spies. Highly recommended.

Day 15: A Naruto rec )

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Day 17: A Princess and the Frog rec )

Day 18: A Hunger Games rec )

Day 19: A Glee rec )

Day 20: An Avengers/Thor rec )

Day 21: 2 Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover fics )

Hi mods! I need fandom tags for Final Fantasy VIII and pairing tags for Quistis Trepe/Seifer Almasy, Pepper Potts/Phil Coulson, and Jane Foster/Bruce Banner. Thanks!
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Oh, this going to be fun. 30 Days of Recs in a week! So let's start this off. I have to say to rec stuff I haven't recced before was tough because I've recced so many of my faves already, but I'm always up to a new challenge.

Day 1 - 5 )
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Fandom Category: Thor
Pairing: Sif/Loki
Fic Title: Lying Tongues
Author: [ profile] mekosuchinae
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 / sex
Genre: Drama, Pre-Canon
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: The sex scene in this piece breaks my heart every time I read it, with Loki so absolutely certain that Sif will never return his feelings. [ profile] mekosuchinae does a amazing job showing the complexity of their relationship, and this piece serves as a wonderful prologue to the events of the movie.

Excerpt )
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Day 3: A fic for UST

Fandom Category: Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
Pairing: Jane Carter/William Brandt
Fic Title: Needy, Desperate, Greedy
Author: havent_got_a_clue
Rating/Warning(s): M/NC-17. Warnings for dirty talk
Genre: PWP
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Jane has to work her wiles on a mark, but has trouble getting into character as it's a particularly repulsive mark. Brandt proves he's a team player and helps her get "in the mood" by regaling her over the comms with the hottest dirty talk I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I could imagine Jeremy Renner's voice as I was reading and I think I may have actually whimpered a little. Seriously guh-inducing. It's evident that Brandt isn't just making things up off the cuff--he's been imagining it for a long time, and Jane clearly reciprocates judging by the ending. *g* Plus, Benji provides fantastic comic relief.

Day 4: Thor/The Avengers rec )

Day 5: The Unusuals rec )
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I passed out immediately after work yesterday, unfortunately, so I'm bundling up the recs for the first 2 days.

Day 01 - A fic for your current favorite ship.

Fandom Category: Thor/The Avengers/Captain America
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Fic Title: V is for Victory
Author: daniellemydear
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13.
Genre: Time Travel!fic, AU
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: Because time travel fic, yessss. Due to a rather convenient deus Loki ex machina, Darcy gets sent back to the 40s, where she's a famous Hollywood actress who runs into pre-serum Steve. There are no words to describe how much I love her Steve and I am fascinated by how Darcy's presence is shaping the events of the movie. This fic is super adorable and full of fun 40s/Hollywood trivia.

More Day 1: Darcy/Steve recs )

Day 2: The Babysitter's Club rec )

Can we have a tag for Stacey McGill/Sam Thomas please? Thanks~!
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I am astonished that these haven't been rec'd yet for the [ profile] het_bigbang challenge. I've been holding back because I feel like I um...sort of hog a lot of Avengers recs. >.> But these stories were too fabulous not to tell the world about.

Fandom Category:The Avengers/Thor
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Bruce Banner
Fic Title: I'm Gonna Be A Part Of It (Whether I Want To Or Not)
Author: [ profile] fringedweller
Rating/Warning(s): M/R
Genre: Post-movie
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: If I could describe this fic in one word, it would be glorious. I just want to roll around in all the feels this story gives me. Immediately after the battle in New York, a couple of intrepid camera people stumble upon Tony and Thor unsupervised. Thor essentially blows up Darcy's spot on national television and Darcy has to be immediately extracted by SHIELD mid-semester, just 20 credits shy of graduating. To add insult to injury, they expect her to slave away at their HQ as a lowly grunt since she doesn't have a college degree. But this Darcy is determined and resourceful, and if SHIELD is going to completely uproot her life, then by god, she will find a way to get her own back and graduate, even if it involves blackmailing rookie SHIELD agents.

If you can't tell, I am in absolute love with this Darcy. She's got real and believable flaws, as well as some legitimate resentment over her situation, but she's also kind, competent, and able to make the hand she's dealt work for her. I love the backstory the author has given her and watching Darcy come into her own is an absolute treat. Aside from Darcy, there are so many other things to love about this story, including a fantastic cast of OCs (Agent Chuck Norris, bwah! XD), PUPPIES!!, food porn (om nom nom), and adorable Hulk antics. Speaking of, the romance between Darcy and Bruce is so lovely. The way their relationship deepens and unfolds feels very organic and just...ugh, all my feeeeeeels. This is such a satisfying story--go read, read, read!

1 more Darcy/Clint het big bang rec )
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Fandom Category: Iron Man/The Avengers
Pairing: Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Fic Title: Yet Turning Stay
Author: irnan
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): Mother-issues.
Genre: Character study/romance
WIP?: No.


Gin's mother died when she was eighteen; it was a car crash. Tony has known her eight years before he becomes aware that this is a thing they have in common. Pepper knew him eight weeks before she realised why she understood him so well.

Why This Must Be Read: A fantastic character study of Pepper Potts and a great look at how and why she and Tony worked so well together pre-Iron Man and continue to be amazing together post... everything.

Fandom Category: Iron Man
Pairing: Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Fic Title: Games People Play
Author: [ profile] penknife
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): Sexual content, light BDSM, references to torture.
Genre: Porn with plot.
WIP?: No


The cuffs are cold against her warm wrists as he snaps them closed, and for a moment there's a flutter in his chest that he can't entirely attribute to the arc reactor blazing away.

"You do have the keys to these, right?"

"Of course," Tony says. "Besides, I have a blowtorch."

"Oh, no," Pepper says. "We are not doing anything involving a blowtorch. That's a hard limit."

He's getting the idea that she's not as much of an amateur at this as he assumed. That's weirdly reassuring.

Why This Must Be Read:

If you've hung around fandom for a while, you know that bondage is not rare - a fic with the negotiation of bondage - what is okay and how much - is a lot rarer and the banter was so delightful that it took me a reread to realize the issues that Tony is actually working with.

3 Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton Recs & 1 Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers Rec )
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Fandom Category: Captain America, Thor, The Avengers
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Fic Title: Kid's Movies
Author: Flossy Things
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Friendship/Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Most Darcy/Avengers stories feature Darcy as the the pursuer, especially if it's a Darcy/Steve or Darcy/Bruce story. This is different in that most of the chasing and persuasion falls to Steve. Darcy's hang-ups about dating a superhero (especially one like Steve) are true to life and well-realized. I love that Steve isn't too much of the blushing innocent here because let's face it: he was in the Army, and Bucky was his best friend. This is a Steve that is pretty comfortable making the moves, even if he doesn't know exactly what he's doing. The humor and drama are well-balanced, and I love all of the team cameos. The crowning glory for me, though, is the author's portrayal of Steve. I dare you not to fall in love with him.
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Someone wanted some more Avengers recs? Here you go!
Also, I have the huge urge to, just once, say "Darcy Lewis Can't Lose!"

Avengers/Thor Recs - 1 Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers, 2 Darcy/Loki Laufeyson, and 2 Darcy/Clint Barton

Title: All things being equal, I'd rather be in Philadelphia
Author: [ profile] meinterrupted
The Avengers/Thor movie-verse
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Rating: Mature (language, violence)
Word Count: 8850
Summary: Darcy didn't sign on with SHIELD to be a hero. Too bad a group of bank robbers didn't give her a choice.

Why This Should Be Read: While the Darcy/Steve interaction is minimal, it's quite perfectly and understatedly romantic. The situation and detail are tense and realistic, the two female OCs are strong and believable, and Darcy Lewis displays courage, snark, and an extensive knowledge of Die Hard.

Two Darcy/Loki and two Darcy/Clint beneath the cut )
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Fandom Category: Avengers AU (With heavy influences from "Flowers for Algernon" & Pygmalion)
Pairing: Darcy/Loki, Jane/Thor
Fic Title: Entropy (Order and Disorder)
Author: Sigridhr
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 for sexy times
Genre: aganst, romance
WIP?: No

Summary: Loki needs to open a Bifrost path from New Mexico to Asgard. He needs help, but there isn’t a human smart enough to be his copilot. So he takes an expendable human and makes her smart.  

Why this Must be Read: So often with Darcy/Loki fiction the way a powerful demi-something like Loki falls for a coffee making, pop-tart toasting assistant isn't really explained. Not so in this story.  The sex scene isn't terribly explicit but it is just so taunt with real feeling it will make your heart ache. 

Read it on AO3 >
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Fandom Category: Captain America, Thor, The Avengers
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Fic Title: Skipping
Author: missmissa85
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Team Fic
WIP?: Yes (33 chapters and counting)

Why This Must Be Read: Where do I begin with this story? It starts off as another Darcy-tutors-Steve-on-the-modern-world fic, but missmissa85 does it so beautifully. The progression is achingly, deliciously slow but completely organic and true to the characters. Darcy and Steve start out as friends and slowly become something more. Trust me, the scene where the feelings come out is completely worth the wait. And all the while, the Avengers are slowly assembling and make up such a wonderful ensemble cast. Everyone's voice is absolutely spot-on. This is certainly an ambitious piece, incorporating Bucky, the Skrull, and even Spider-Man (who is adorable, by the way), which probably explains why it's a WIP. The author updates fairly frequently, though they have dropped off a little bit. I, for one, will cheerfully wait until hell freezes over for more chapters!
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Fandom Category: Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers
Pairing: Betty Ross/Bruce Banner, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Jane Foster/Thor, alluded Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton
Fic Title: Draw As You Truly Are
Author: Jaune_Chat
Rating/Warning(s): technically PG-13 but there's a lot of nudity, future fic, art fic
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Team fic
WIP?: No; One-Shot

Why This Must Be Read: SO BEAUTIFUL. Art and bodies and OTPs, this fic hit me hard in the feelings, especially the Jane/Thor section to be honest. It's more of a Five Time fic which captures so much in so little. Steve Rogers decides to draw his teammates... in the nude, but not in crude manner or about nudity as percursor to sex but about how out bodies and the people you trust your bodies to speak louder than words sometimes. Told through a series of flashback from in the far future it's a lovely fic that shows the team not just as symbol but as people. Each section is about either a ship, and the ships are portrayed SO WONDERFULLY and true to themselves, or a character and all gorgeous character pieces.
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Fandom Category: The Avengers
Pairing: Thor/Jane, slight Loki/Jane
Fic Title: The Hammer and the Ice
Author: grav_ity
Link: AO3
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: slight AU, drama
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: This is my absolute favorite Thor/Jane fic. Typically I dislike stories that recreate canon events - in this Jane takes Selvig's place in the film - but grav_ity pulls it off masterfully. The story doesn't get bogged down in the canon but instead uses it to its advantage, taking more freedoms to focus just on these three characters. The language and imagery will stick with you.

Fandom Category: Thor
Pairing: Thor/Jane
Fic Title: Uru
Author: sheffiesharpe
Link: AO3
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: humor, angst, UST
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: There's no actual Thor/Jane interaction in this. It does, however, do a fantastic job of showing how each of them deals with the separation, giving us a good look at their individual characters and just why they're meant for one another. Plus it's got plenty of Darcy snarking and a mythical cat, who can pass that up? (If you've never read any books or fics featuring a mystical cat, you're missing out. This fic is the perfect opportunity to rectify that.)
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It's been a while since my last Darcy multipairing rec and oh man, has fandom been busy. Let me catch you up.

Fandom Category: Thor/The Avengers
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Bruce Banner
Fic Title: Side Effects May Include (The Radiated Remix)
Author: Chaerring
Rating/Warning(s): Not rated, but I would say PG-13ish.
Genre: Romance, Angsty Schmoop
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: The lovely [ profile] fringedweller rec'd the original fic previously, but I thought that its companion remix also deserved a rec of its own. This gives Bruce's POV of the events in the original "Side Effects..." and it is lovely, with wonderful insights into both Bruce and Darcy.

10 more Darcy/Bruce recs )

4 Darcy/Clint recs )

1 (well, 2) Darcy/Fury rec(s) (YES, REALLY, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO READ IT) )

1 Darcy/Coulson rec )

5 Darcy/Steve recs )

We can has Darcy Lewis/Nick Fury tag plz? Thanks!


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