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Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Grace Van Pelt/Kimball Cho
Fic Title: Broken Road
Author: [livejournal.com profile] helsinkibaby
Link: http://helsinkibaby.livejournal.com/430676.html
Rating/Warning(s): PG/Major character death
Genre: Romance, Drama
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 4 of 22

Why This Must Be Read: This is a very rare pairing but the author makes it work. Tragedy strikes the CBI team, leaving Grace and Cho dealing with the aftermath. What I liked about this story was the way Grace and Cho go from being casual friends/co-workers, to actual friends, to being a couple. It is such a soft gentle romance, that has moments of sadness, and of course moments of joy.
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Here we go - a whole month in one post. There's a few days missing because I just didn't have anything good enough to rec or because everything in that category was already on the site.

The tags are gonna be madness!

Day 01 - A fic for your current favorite ship )

Day 02 - A fic for your very first ship )

Day 03 - A fic for UST )

Day 04 - A fic that demonstrates how a pairing with little canon romantic chemistry/interaction can totally work )

Day 05 - A fic with the best kiss/sex scene )

Day 06 - A fic with the most heartbreaking scene )

...and the rest )
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Day 15 - A fic that convinced you of a pairing you previously hated.

Fandom Category: Mentalist
Pairing: Teresa Lisbon/Patrick Jane
Fic Title: Combine and Complement
Author: hardly_loquacious/[livejournal.com profile] h_loquacious
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Romance, friendship
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: First, I have to say that I didn't hate Jane/Lisbon, I just didn't see it. Then, this fic was written for the 2012 [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang, and I have to say that I read it because there were so few fics for my pairings, I needed something else to read. And I picked this one because it's a show and characters that I love. This fic is beautifully written, they're all in-character, and really, it's just like watching the show. This is how they would act in the show. I have to say that yes, this fic helped me ship these two, so, if like me, you're unconvinced about Jane/Lisbon, give this fic a try!
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Fandom: The Mentalist
Pairing: Teresa Lisbon/Patrick Jane
Fic Title: sinking like sand
Author: [livejournal.com profile] spyglass_
Link: http://for-the-coast.livejournal.com/9468.html
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Romance
Rec: 1/10

Why This Must Be Read: [livejournal.com profile] spyglass_ describes this story as "four times Jane and Lisbon could have kissed, and the one time they actually did," and that's not the only reason to love it, but it's certainly a great start! Funny, sad, sexy, and sweet, this story presents five opportunities for Jane and Lisbon and delivers on each one beautifully. The writing is clear, the characterisations lovely, and the kissing is everything you could want.

How frail the human heart by Heather (NC-17) )

And So We'll Fix This (with a Blueberry Muffin) by humansrsuperior (PG-13) )

thanks for the memories (even though they weren't so great) by trustingno1 (PG-13) )

Hold On to the Painted Sky & Listen to Your Heart Bleed by foreverwriting9 (PG) )

Wanted by Idan (K+) )

This is Not Your Grave by lady_of_scarlet (Mature) )

The Red and the Grey by bloodwrites (T) )

Deprivation by ch19777 (T) )

Long Lost Long Last by hardly loquacious (K+) )
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The request was for Cho/anyone and I'm pretty much addicted to Cho/Summer so here are two reccs for them.

mods: can I get a Summer/Cho tag please :)

Rec 1
Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Summer/Cho
Fic Title: It Wants Your Blood
Author: Kansas42
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7714302/1/It_Wants_Your_Blood
Rating/Warning(s): 14A
Genre: romance, character study
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: the summary from the author says "Cho has four conversations about Summer, and five conversations with her." which pretty much had me from the start. I love character study pieces, especially ones for The Mentalist (okay, I only read character-study fic for this fandom). This story is several adorable scenes/vignettes that just really showcase these two (and the many elements of their relationship) wonderfully.

Rec 2
Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Summer/Cho
Fic Title: Summer Burns Red
Author: Unbeautifully-Broken
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7821493/1/Summer_Burns_Red
Rating/Warning(s): 14A
Genre: romance, angst, character study
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Another wonderful character study piece, this fic does a great examination of Cho and the author gets Summer's character. It goes a bit Pretty Woman in the middle, but its a really adorable vignette.
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Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Theresa Lisbon/Patrick Jane
Fic Title: Melt & Dissolve
Author: NellietheMarvelous
Link: Melt  Here    &  Dissolve Here
Rating/Warning(s): T/ Some Violence, Sex
Genre: Drama/Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Melt and the sequel Dissolve are my go to Lisbon/Jane stories.  I love the way the author writes the two of them.  She shows Lisbon and Jane in all of their imperfect glory, their journey isn't an easy one but there are moments of sheer delight.  In Melt Jane and Lisbon are away on a Red John case when their relationship starts to change.  In Dissolve Red John goes after the new couple and the case tests their fragile relationship.   Not only are they all in character but the cases are suspenseful and really well done.  My description is not doing this series justice, go and read it you will not be disappointed.  Enjoy!  :)

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Fandom Category: The Mentalist

Pairing: Teresa Lisbon/Patrick Jane

Fic Title: Lost At Sea

Author: LittleMender

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6883041/1/Lost_at_Sea

Rating/Warning(s): T

Genre: Drama/Romance

WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: I LOVE this fic. It addresses what could happen if Minelli informed Lisbon that he had given Jane that list of suspects - SPOILERS for most of season 3 but takes a left turn well before "Redacted". It is complex and long - complete at 19 chapters. Not only does it feature excellent characterizations of Jane and Lisbon, but also makes LaRoche a decent leader, and introduces one of my favorite Original Characters ever (but I'll leave that for the reader to discover).

Here are bits of the reviews I left for it at FFN:

"This story captures one of the relatively small handful of ways that the essential conflict between Jane and Lisbon could be resolved - if the writers do not take the easy way out, and foolishly romanticize Jane's relative morality."

"This author has a propensity for forcing these two to confront the painful realities (um, yeah, ironic isn't it? reality in a work of fiction based on a work of fiction in a different medium) inherent in their situation - those painful realities that so many fic writers ignore, make light of, or mis-handle entirely, in favor of going straight to the fluff of a happy ending (double entendre intended). LittleMender pushes the hot buttons, and she does it well - weaving the pain and angst into something that leaves the relationship between Jane and Lisbon on a stronger foundation. This fic certainly shows how well she gets the job done."
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 Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Teresa Lisbon/Patrick Jane with a side of Grace Van Pelt/Wayne Rigsby
Fic Title: What You See Is What You Get (If You're Looking Hard Enough)
Author: Sixthlight
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/141836
Rating/Warning(s): pg13
Genre: Fantasy, AU
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: You simply won't find another Mentalist fic like this. It takes place in a world where supernatural creatures are publicly accepted part of the community- Van Pelt is a witch, Lisbon is an Empath, Grisby is a werewolf and Cho is not all that human himself. Yet, they all work side to side without daring to share their secrets with each other. At least until Patrick Jane joins the team under the pretense of being a telepath (pretense being the key word here) and manages to out everyone's secrets before his is discovered. 
You will think those are unlikely circumstances for a Mentalist fic- it's certainly what I thought when someone recced this to me. 
Yet, those unlikely circumstances work incredibly well with the story: everybody miracoulously stay in character, and even the team dynamics and investigations remain unaltered. It's a work of brilliance.
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So I admit, I saved this pairing for last. They're my favorite ship at the moment, and I could probably put together an entire month's worth of recs just for them. A few of my very favorites have already been recced, so I definitely suggest going back through the tags. Anyway, here are the last of my recs for the month and a few bonus recs because I couldn't help myself :)

nine recs under the cut )
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Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Teresa Lisbon/Patrick Jane
Fic Title: Stolen Kiss
Author: [livejournal.com profile] h_loquacious
Link: LJ // FFN
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This fic drew me in right from the beginning. It's light and sweet, but not overly so. Fantastic characterization and dialogue, complete with fairy tale narrative that casts Jane as a sorcerer (he may be just that pretty but I think we can all agree that he's no Prince Charming). Also includes a unique -- but still realistic -- Red John resolution. Well-paced and highly enjoyable, I could really hear both characters' voices come through in this. I read a lot of Jane/Lisbon fic; this one is memorable.

Excerpt )
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Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon
Fic Title: It was a dark and stormy night
Author: SpaceAnJL
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5451351/1/It_Was_A_Dark_And_Stormy_Night#
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Humor
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: The team tackles a case on Halloween. This fic is delightful and it's so smart. All of the characters are very much themselves and Cho has a kickass response when Rigsby can't ask out Van Pelt. Patrick is predictably unpredictable and Teresa tolerates him with patience and affection. The prose is perfect, humor is sharp, the end of the case is enjoyable and the romance will leave a smile on your face. If for nothing else, read the fic because it has awesome pop culture references that will make you nostalgic and leave a grin on your face.
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Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Teresa Lisbon/Patrick Jane
Fic Title: In Nomine
Author: Kalistrata
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5070622/1/In_Nomine
Rating/Warning(s): M, violence, attempted rape, and some sexual content and language
Genre: Action/Suspense
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: I normally don't read FF.Net stories unless I am really desperate for fic. This one was recced to me by a flister, so I gave it a go. I do have some issues with the story, especially the tone of something in the end, but overall this was an enjoyable read. I loved how in this fic, it's Lisbon that takes center stage. It's about her struggles, not Jane's. Though, don't get me wrong, there's a hefty dose of Jane in here as well, and they are both IC and smartly written. The plot itself is intriguing: Lisbon undercover for corrupt Irish cops, and Jane is along for the ride. Also, please take special note of the warnings.

If you're looking for fic for this pairing, I highly recommend this one!
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Fandom Category: The Mentalist
Pairing: Teresa Lisbon/Patrick Jane
Fic Title: Drink Red Wine and Be Merry
Author: [livejournal.com profile] erinya
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/erinya_fic/30017.html
Rating/Warning(s): NC17, sexual situations
Genre: Drama
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: Because the characterization is absolutely flawless - an impressive feat in any fic, but in an NC17 fic with these two it's just short of a miracle. Lisbon and Jane banter, bullshit, and sleep together - all without slipping out of character.

Excerpt )


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