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Fandom: Eleanor & Park
Pairing: Eleanor Douglas/Park Sheridan
Title: Nothing Ever Ends, or Five Times Eleanor & Park Argued (Happily Ever After
Author: femmenerd
Rating/Warning(s): M.
Word Count/WIP?: 2,890. Complete
Recced By: shallowness

Why This Must Be Read: This is lovely and a plausible ‘what happened next’ (although I'm biased in wanting a HEA for them, but who wouldn’t be after everything that happened?).

Fandom: New Year’s Eve
Pairing: Ingrid/Paul
Title: Do You See What I See?
Author: kalisgirl

Rating/Warning(s): General Audiences. No.
Word Count/WIP?: 2,231. Complete
Recced By: shallowness

Why This Must Be Read: Written for this year’s Yuletide, I’ll quote the author’s notes: These two adorable fools are the best part of the movie an all I wanted after I watched it was for them to be happy together in their May/December romance.

And it is a happy-making fic.

Fandom: Only Lovers Left Alive
Pairing: Eve/Adam
Title: For the Moment
Author: lexigent

Rating/Warning(s): Teen. None
Word Count/WIP?: 1,406. Complete.
Recced By: shallowness

Why This Must Be Read: The summary is AU: Human, present-day Adam and Eve meet for the first time. He's playing music, she's listening. I found this intriguing, although that was partly because I wondered how it could all work without the vampirism. Well, this captures their different intensities and personalities irresistibly.

Mods, would it be possible to arrange for fandom and pairing tags, please?


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